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Home Fire Action Plan

Protect your escape route by doing a safety check before you go to bed

  • Switch off, at the socket, as many electrical appliances as possible. Do not leave the TV on standby.
  • Check gas appliances are off and put guards in front of open fires.
  • Put out safely all cigarettes and candles, and keep matches and lighters out of reach of children.
  • Close as many doors as possible to limit the spread of fire into your escape route. Particularly the kitchen, lounge, dining and utility room doors.
  • Fit smoke alarms to at least each level of your home, to warn of smoke entering your escape route.

Take everyone into account

  • Involve everyone in the home to make sure that the needs of children, the elderly and those with disabilities are taken into account.

Your best way out of the house is by your normal route to the front door

  • Keep all routes clear.
  • Decide on a different escape route in case the normal one is blocked by fire or smoke.

Tell everyone in your household where you keep the door and window keys

  • If you feel you must lock doors or windows make sure that everyone knows where the keys are kept.
  • Keep them near where they are needed. It is no use having them in a kitchen drawer when you need them in the bedroom one night.

Practise your escape plan

  • People die in fires because they panic and do the wrong things. If everyone in your home knows what to do and has practised their actions you will stand a much better chance of surviving a fire.
  • Do not forget to change the plan if you make any changes to your home.