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Request a safe and well visit for vulnerable adults

Safe and well visits are particularly important for vulnerable people as the following factors can increase a person's risk and vulnerability to fire, and reduce their ability to escape if a fire starts.

If you know or work directly with anyone who would answer yes to the following statements, please give them our details to arrange a free safe and well visit. If they would prefer, you can also organise a visit on their behalf.

  • Smokes in their home
  • Is over the age of 60
  • Lives alone
  • Has: a) limited mobility, b) a hearing impairment or c) is blind or partially sighted
  • Would have difficulty responding to, or escaping from, a fire
  • Has had a fire before, or shows signs of burns or scorching in the home
  • Has learning disabilities
  • Is supported by family, carers and friends
  • Has a mental health condition such as dementia or depression
  • Has drug or alcohol dependencies
  • Doesn't have an alarm in all areas where a fire might start
  • Collects or hoards in their home.

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