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Submitting building regulation consultations electronically

A building regulations consultation with the Fire Authority is required when any alterations materially affect the means of escape from a premises.

Submitting consultations electronically

Surrey Fire and Rescue Authority encourages formal building regulation consultations in electronic format

Submitting consultations electronically, within the criteria below, will greatly help our response timescales providing that:

· One email with a maximum capacity of 20MB, which includes the full consultation (covering letter, any fire strategy and drawings used to assess Part B),

· All files to have a suitable name which identifies its purpose such as: covering letter, floor plans etc,

· All drawings must be in PDF format with all floors on one multiple sheet eg. The fire strategy drawings with the ground, first and second floors on one PDF file,

· A scale bar must be provided on each floor.

All consultations should be emailed to:

Submitting in hard copy

Our postal address is on our contact details page.