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Fire safety advice for commercial deep fat fryers

Surrey Fire and Rescue are committed to reducing fire related injuries caused by commercial deep fat fryers.

We regularly attend fires caused by deep fat fryers at takeaways and restaurants. We have found that these are often due to a lack of training, misuse of equipment, faulty appliances and poor maintenance. Many owners are not aware of their fire safety responsibilities.

How to keep you, your staff and your customers safe

  • Keep an up-to-date fire risk assessment
  • Clean oil regularly
  • Carry out staff training and regular drills
  • Regularly maintain your filters, grease traps, extractors, fryers, ranges and thermostats
  • Keep fire escape routes clear
  • Fit thermostatic controls and cut off valves
  • Invest in appropriate extinguishing equipment
  • Keep an up to date fire precautions log book to record the above

What happens in a deep fat fryer fire?

Watch the video below to see the devastating consequences of a domestic chip pan fire. ;A fire can be significantly worse if it involves a commercial deep fat fryer.

What to do in the event of a fire

  • Alert all staff
  • Call 999
  • Switch off services
  • Shut lids to fryers
  • Close all doors
  • Get out, stay out