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Fire risk assessments

Most premises, other than people's private homes, must have a person responsible for carrying out and regularly reviewing a fire risk assessment of the premises. The assessment will identify what you need to do to prevent fire and keep people safe.

Meeting the legislation requirements

The documents below provide more advice and information to help you meet the legislation requirements.

Employing a professional assessor

If you want a professional fire risk assessor to undertake your assessment and to record the required information, read this nationally recognised guide on how to select an assessor with the appropriate skills and competencies.

The International Organisation of Fire Professionals (IFE) provide a searchable list of approved fire risk assessors. Surrey Fire and Rescue Service has no affiliation with members of this register.

Fire safety checklists

Use the checklists below when carrying out a fire risk assessment, to determine and maintain fire precautions on your premises. If you need any further advice contact us.