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Responding to fire and rescue emergencies

When we receive a 999 call, our control centre operators use the latest technology to send the nearest firefighters and the right equipment to deal with the emergency. This is called a dynamic response.

While we still operate from 25 fire stations across the county, we now position response vehicles nearer to areas that our data shows are of greatest risk. We have the technology to see where all our response vehicles are every minute of the day, and so we can send the closest and most appropriate resource, regardless of where they are based. This helps us to get firefighters and the right equipment, where it is needed, in the shortest possible time.

Surrey Fire and Rescue Service responds to a vast range of emergencies, including road traffic collisions, water rescues and wildfires, as well as fires in homes and business premises. We have specialist vehicles, which carry the very latest equipment to respond to all these emergencies.

We also have arrangements in place with neighbouring fire and rescue services, the police and ambulance service and voluntary groups, to manage major incidents as part of a multi-agency response.