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Community safety proposals for fire and rescue

We want to make sure that the residents of Surrey live in homes that are safe, and go to work in places that are safe too.

We will focus more on the elderly and vulnerable people who live in the county. We can reduce the risks to them through prevention and protection activities and help them to understand better what to do in an emergency.

We know that those most vulnerable and at greatest risk of fire in Surrey are affected by at least one of the following:

  • They are aged over 60
  • They are living alone
  • They have mobility issues
  • They have hearing loss
  • They have mental health issues
  • They have a disability
  • They are drug or alcohol dependent
  • They smoke

All the data suggests that if we invest more in prevention, the number of incidents we need to respond to will decrease. That's why we want to put more resources into prevention, from all risks, not just fires.

Safe and Well Visits

We will increase the number of Safe and Well Visits by 400%. We will prioritise those most at risk, including the 18.7% of Surrey residents that are aged 65 or older and are significantly at risk from fire.


We will make sure we can provide fire prevention sessions in all Surrey schools from April 2020. Currently our scheme covers approximately 10 schools.

Life-Long Learning

Safe Drive Stay Alive, Surrey, is a series of live educational performances featuring a sequence of films and live speakers, which aim to make young people aware of their responsibilities as drivers, and passengers, and to positively influence their attitudes.

We will extend the success of this and our Youth Engagement Scheme (YES). YES is an early intervention programme for young people aged 14-17 who have low school attendance, low self-esteem and are at risk of involvement in anti-social behaviour.

We will increase by 30% the number of Junior Citizens events we take part in. These are multi-agency events, where children learn what to do in the event of a fire in their home. This scheme is popular with both children and teachers and is part of the Personal Social and Health Education and Citizenship curriculums.

We will introduce a life-long learning approach where we can deliver key safety advice and information throughout a resident of Surrey's life.

We know that this protection and prevention work can make a real difference. It's all part of Making Surrey Safer.