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Surrey Fire and Rescue's vision, mission and aims

Working with others, we want to make Surrey a safer place to live, work, travel and do business.

Our vision for Surrey Fire and Rescue Service:

With you, making Surrey safer.

Our mission:

  • Serving the needs of our community
  • Flexibly responding to a constantly changing environment
  • Recognising and embedding diversity in everything we do
  • Solving challenges through intelligence driven collaboration, innovation and improvement.

Our aims

Surrey Fire and Rescue Service aims to make the county safer by integrating three key service areas: prevention, protection and intervention.

We already have a strong involvement in the community through our education programme, delivering prevention messages to those at most risk. This work includes a four stage education programme developed in line with the national curriculum, activities targeted at specific age groups and regular involvement with local people and interaction at local events.

These community links are vital in educating people about the dangers of fire. People need to appreciate the benefits of a working smoke alarm, but also understand the value of escape action plans, so they know what to do should a fire occur.

We aim to protect people and organisations through the advice and guidance we give on fire safety legislation. The development of this aspect of fire safety has helped reduce the number of deaths and injuries to people in buildings across the county. Our fire safety team work with other organisations to help protect people at work or when they visit local supermarkets, pubs, hotels and other larger establishments.

Increasingly, we are involved in the development of both commercial and residential properties. We are working with industry and other organisations to encourage the installation of fire sprinklers, a way in which we can increase the protection for people at work and at home.

When fire strikes, that's when our intervention role is clear for all to see. Ideally through increased emphasis on protection and prevention, we would hope to see the number of fires, injuries and deaths fall in the county. However, accidents will happen and when they do, we will be there to offer assistance.

We regularly assess our response to fires, traffic accidents and other incidents. We need to ensure that our firefighters, control room personnel and support staff have the appropriate training and the best resources to do their jobs effectively. An ongoing assessment of the work we undertake looks at how we can deliver these three key activities in a manner best suited to individual communities across Surrey. By changing peoples' attitudes and our approach, we aim to make your community and Surrey as a whole even safer.