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Fire service - chargeable services

Surrey Fire and Rescue Service calls any incident that are not fires "special services". We charge for dealing with many types of special service but we do not charge for firefighting operations as this is the statutory duty of the Fire and Rescue service.

We do not charge for special services that present a danger to life or the environment.

We normally charge for the following types of special service:

  • use of Service equipment to remove water (if the supply of water is required the water company should be contacted)
  • incidents involving hazardous materials, once the service have eliminated any hazards to the public or the environment
  • releasing persons shut in lifts
  • effecting entry for persons locked out of their property
  • freeing trapped animals (this does not include domestic pets and wild animals).

We do not charge for some types of special service:

  • all road traffic accidents or other types of involving entrapment of people
  • actual injury to people
  • risk of fire
  • which involve significant risk of injury to people
  • significant risk or damage to the environment.

Business services

  • Fire report extract from Incident Reporting System (IRS) - (Financial Year 2019/20) - £106

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