Chargeable services (Surrey Fire and Rescue)

Surrey Fire and Rescue Service will always respond without charge to emergencies that are an immediate threat to life or injury.

However, we do charge for responding to the following:

  • People stuck in a lift
  • People who are locked out of their house or car
  • Automatic fire alarms which are falsely activated
  • Animal rescue
  • Fire Reports
  • Incidents involving hazardous materials, once the service have eliminated any hazards to the public or the environment
  • Use of service equipment to remove water (if the supply of water is required the water company should be contacted).

We do not charge for some types of special services:

  • Road traffic accidents or other types involving entrapment of people
  • Actual injury to people
  • Risk of fire
  • Significant risk or damage to the environment.

Charges for April 2020 - 2021

Rates include VAT at the standard rate unless otherwise stated.

Special service attendance charges

First appliance for the first hour £445.74
Additional appliance(s) and/or additional hours £347.82
Object removal/removal from object £184.62
Entry/exit £273.36
Large animal £618.12
Domestic animal £445.74
Lift rescue £445.74
Repeated calls to an unwanted AFA £445.74

Charges for Business Services

Fire Report extract (FDR 1/95) (zero rated for VAT) £108.12 per copy
Photocopies of maps and plans £31.62 each
Additional copies (price per building) £6.12 each