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Youth centres and projects in Surrey Heath

Youth centre's in Surrey Heath:

  • Frimley Green Youth Centre, Wharfenden Way, Frimley Green, Camberley GU16 6PJ
  • Old Dean Youth and Community Centre, Kingston Road, Camberley GU15 4AF

Details of activities in Surrey Heath:

For all enquiries about Surrey's Community Youth Work Service in the Surrey Heath area please contact Jo Tiernan, Senior Practitioner on 01276 66225 or 07794 169960.

Youth Clubs

A free club where young people can meet friends in a safe place, take part in a range of fun activities, get help and develop life skills.

Junior Youth Club

For ages 11–14

  • Old Dean Youth Centre (Mondays 4–6pm)

Senior Youth Club

For ages 13–19

  • Old Dean Youth Centre (Mondays 6.30–8.30pm)

For ages 13–19 (25 with SEND)

  • Frimley Green Youth Centre (Tuesdays 6.30–8.30pm)

Detached Youth Club

For ages 11–19 (25 with SEND)

  • St Micheals area (Mondays 7–9pm)
  • Wachett's area (Wednesdays 7–9pm)

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1-2-1 Support

For ages 11–19 (25 with SEND)

1-2-1 support for young people who voluntarily engage to tackle barriers which are stopping them from progressing in their lives.

  • Frimley Green Youth Centre (Wednesday afternoons)
  • Old Dean Youth Centre (Tuesday afternoons)
  • St Michael's and Wachett's area (Thursday afternoons)

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Club Shout

For ages 11–25

Free group for young people with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND). Young People can take part in sports, cooking, arts and crafts, and music whilst engaging in a topical base curriculum.

  • Frimley Green Youth Centre (Wednesdays 7–9pm)

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Get Your Kicks

For ages 15–19

Group working with a targeted group of young people, ages 15+ around anti social behaviour, substance misuse, healthy relationships and employability.

  • Old Dean Youth Centre (Thursdays 7–9pm by invite only)

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For ages 11–19 (25 with SEND)

  • Old Dean Youth Centre
    • Free group for young people who want to work on a specific activity/piece of work over several weeks. Options include: DJ workshop, sports coaching, food, arts and crafts (Tuesdays 7–9pm)

Young Carers Group

For ages 11–16

Free to access group for young people who care for a parent, guardian, family relative, friend or neighbour.

  • Frimley Green Youth Centre (Thursdays 6.30am–8.30pm)