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Children's centres in Surrey

From pregnancy through to primary school, Sure Start Children's Centres support children and their parents and carers.

They offer services for everyone, but especially for families at times when life is a bit of a struggle.

There are 58 Sure Start Children's Centres across the county and two specially designed mobile children's centres.

Each children's centre aims to provide services that are tailored to their community's needs. So services will vary but may include:

  • Play and learn sessions where parents stay, have fun with their children and become involved with their learning.
  • Family support, including parenting courses.
  • Services and advice on returning to work and training.
  • Help with keeping healthy, including advice on breastfeeding, nutrition and healthy lifestyles from pregnancy and beyond.
  • Free information, advice and guidance for families with particular needs, such as young parents or families on low incomes.
  • Childcare and early education at the centre, or signposting to other local childcare providers, including information on local home-based childcare.
  • Information about local childcare providers offering Funded Early Education for 3 and 4 year olds. As well as information and advice to find out if you qualify for Funded Early Education for Two year olds (FEET).

Although some services are free, you will need to pay for some, including childcare.