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Bookstart is a national programme which supports and encourages parents to read with their children from an early age. Research shows that children who receive Bookstart packs are more likely to regard reading as their favourite activity.

The packs are filled with free books and guidance materials and are available at different stages of your child's early development.

Bookstart Baby Pack

Baby packs are usually handed out by health visitors when your child is about eight months old during a check up at the clinic. If your child didn't receive a pack you can pick one up from your local library.

Bookstart Treasure Pack

These are for three to four year olds and are delivered through early years settings (nurseries, pre schools, playgroups) in the summer term. If your child doesn't go to an early years setting you can pick up a pack from your local library.

Booktouch: for children with a visual impairment

If your child is blind or partially sighted you can ask for a free Booktouch pack, specially created for babies and children aged one to four years old.

Bookshine: for children who are deaf

If your child is deaf you can ask for a free Bookshine pack, specially created for babies and young children aged one to four years old.

Dual languages

If English is your second language, then dual language books are available to share with your pre school child.

Further information

For more information about Bookstart and the different packs available visit the Bookstart website. You can also find tips and activity ideas to help with your child's development on our Learn with me web pages.