Summer holiday Offer 2020 - activities for children and families

Many of our providers have signed up for our programme to support vulnerable children/young people over the course of the summer holidays. To find the nearest childcare provider please use our childcare finder.

As we prepare for the end of this academic year we wanted to draw your attention to the range of activities and opportunities for children and families over the Summer break.

This year, more than ever, it is important that children have access to fresh air, fun and friends. Whilst many families will be looking for fun days out together, others will be seeking holiday play schemes and clubs to keep the children happy and occupied while parents work.

Some activities and programmes we have on offer are listed below:

Surrey Outdoor Learning Development (SOLD)

Surrey Outdoor Learning and Development provides fantastic learning and development opportunities for young people using a range of outdoor activities and programmes.

We work in nature's 'outdoor classroom' which is a complementary setting to young people's usual surroundings and an area in which to develop vital life skills through direct and unique experiences.

The Adventure Zone (TAZ) holiday activities include a range of exciting and engaging outdoor adventures that are ideal for school holidays. We offer both land and water-based activities, as well as single or multi-day visits.

Events week commencing 7 July

SOLD are also offering family group activities and overnight camps at the centres. Activities include; Canal Boating, canoeing, stand up paddle boarding, archery, rock climbing and mountain biking.

Booking process - see the SOLD website for details of what activities schools, parents, key workers, social workers can book individual young people and families on:

Enquiries for activities should be sent to:

  • Email:
  • Tel: 01372 378901

Active Surrey

Please check the Active Surrey website above for more details of the events below after the dates shown.

Activity Bingo - available from 21 July

Active Surrey will continue to provide ideas to get people active over the summer via their activity bingo on social media. The bingo will feature a range of ideas and activities to get people moving in a safe way.

Mindful movement summer challenge - available from 4 August

A virtual offer, available to all families and carers for free across Surrey. The Challenge will enable young people to make the connection between their physical and mental health in a fun and engaging way.


Chips provides quality school holiday play provision for children aged 4-11 in the Guildford wards of Westborough and Stoke. Chips aims to establish a safe, fun and stimulating play environment. Activities include arts, crafts and design, sports, music, dance, drama, and environmental play including building dens and bug hunts. Children are able to try new activities led by staff and coaches – in the past these have included cookery, graffiti art, samba classes and aboriginal art where children can achieve, broaden their world view, socialise and build their confidence as well as be active and healthy.

  • Telephone bookings and enquiries: 07729 878964
  • Email:

Short breaks

Short breaks provide children and young people with SEND a positive opportunity to:

  • relax and have fun with their friends
  • develop new skills
  • prepare for adulthood
  • spend time away from their parents and carers. Short breaks also give families an opportunity to have a break from their caring responsibilities, spend time with other family members, rest and recuperate.

The organisations listed below are offering online and virtual activities, as well as a limited programme of 'face to face' Play & Leisure activities for children and young people with disabilities in the locations indicated. Some services are only available to children with complex needs or ASD who have a diagnosis or assessment, or who have been referred to the service. There is a charge for some activities.

To find out more, contact the relevant organisation listed below, but please bear in mind that spaces are limited at the moment:

Adult learning

Full course details and how to enrol will be available on our website in early July or through our social media channels.

#SummerSkills with Surrey Adult Learning

We are developing an online programme over July/August so that we can continue to provide learning, health and wellbeing for everyone this summer. These will be short courses (2 or 3 sessions) and are open to everyone over the age of 19.

Just for families - Free online courses for parents and carers of children

To take part in these free courses parents will need connectivity to the internet in order to take part and to meet the eligibility requirements below.

Parents will qualify for these courses if they are 'Permanently settled'. This includes people who have been resident in the UK, the European Economic Area (EEA) for at least three years prior to the course start date. Refugees or asylum seekers, Leave to remain or if they are the husband, wife or child of an EU citizen who has been resident in the EEA for at least three years prior to the course start date.

Keeping up with the Children – Maths

Parents work online with the tutor and other parents and carers to improve their own maths skills as well as improving their ability to support their child's learning. The child may be able to learn with the parent on this course.

English as an Additional Language (ESOL)

Parents work online with the tutor and other parents and carers to improve their English language skills as well as improving their ability to support their children's learning.

Wellbeing courses/Getting ready for school

To find out more information email:


Diversity is at the heart of our service offer and we will have events, books and information covering a wide range of themes, abilities and interests.

The Reading Agency: Summer Reading Challenge: 'Silly Squad'

Children can read digital books or books they have at home. After signing up children will unlock profile badges, games and activities by reading books and will receive a downloadable certification when they have completed the challenge.

Free Summer Reading Challenge packs can be picked up from our libraries as they re-open from 6 July.

Over the summer holidays, our online events programme for children will link to the theme of 'Silly Squad'. If anyone works with children who cannot access the online challenge or are unable to visit libraries once they reopen, please let us know and we can work with you to get physical resources to them so that they can participate.

Children involved writing their own book reviews they can bring into the library for us to display. we can promote on our website and social media channels

Roald Dahl, etc Themes

Each week will have a different theme, e.g. Roald Dahl theme with a craft, STEM activity and Roald Dahl books and eBooks which we promote. Physical displays of books would also be in libraries.

Autism/dyslexia friendly book collections

Promote both physical and digital books and link with other organisations who have resources we can share including Dyslexia Society.

Events programme

  • Storytimes and rhymetimes, music 0-5 years old
  • Origami club 4-10 year old
  • Bedtime stories 4-10 year old
  • British Library Pack, colouring in/activity/craft 4-10 year old
  • And many, many more!


History Centre events

  1. Animals in the Archives: From circus elephants parading through Staines to the Tenniel sketch of the big puppy from Alice in Wonderland. Create an animal out of materials you have at home. – free pack.
  2. Nature and the Archive: Take inspiration from Surrey garden designer Gertude Jekyll's work. Layer pressed flowers from your garden or collected from walks to create a collage. Or design your very own magical garden – free pack.
  3. Connecting across generations: Using Heritage's Seeking Surrey Ancestors blog to help children discover their own family history, by speaking with grandparents and relatives The children can create their own family tree – online.
  4. First World War in Surrey: Using the Surrey and the Great War online learning resources discover life in Surrey from 1914-1918. Write a letter home from a soldier or to create a Surrey peace symbol - online.
  5. 'What is Archaeology?' an easy to follow introduction to what archaeology is. The pack contain colouring in, word searches and artefact activities – free pack.
  6. What is the Stone Age? An easy to follow guide to the Stone Age, with examples of sites in Surrey. The pack contain activities such as cave painting and making your own ancient headdress - online.
  7. Digging Surrey's Past Test Pit Project: Have you ever wondered if there is any archaeology in your garden or at school? This pack tells you everything you need to know to dig and record a test pit. Speak to your parent, guardian or teacher about getting started. Free pack.

Surrey Arts

Surrey Arts website

Virtual Open Day (date to be confirmed)

A chance for people to see the instruments and what we do, including brass, woodwind, strings, piano, percussion, vocal, guitar, music production, ensembles, visual arts and SAOS.

Events week 1: 3 - 7 August

The aim of this week is to attract new people to Surrey Arts to then enrol in lessons in September. The majority of these sessions will be free with a mix of recorded films and live streaming on Facebook or in Zoom.

Percussion example: Mon: African drumming; Tues: Samba; Wed: Body percussion; Thurs: Junk yard session; Fri: intro to drum kit. Information will be sent out prior to those about how to make instruments with items at home before the sessions start.

Events week 2: 24 - 28 August

Week 2 is focussing more on those who are already playing an instrument. These can be masterclasses, how-to techniques, refresher lessons (20 mins), instrument clinics/advice (15 mins) which are individual slots to be booked onto. Some of these will be charged.

Piano example: Day 1 refresher lessons slots. Day 2 drop in-clinic for piano advice.

Example 2: Introduction to Jazz improvisation (two lessons pre-recorded, third lesson play sample of Surrey County Youth Jazz Orchestra and questions and answers).

Other courses

We are also running a group guitar mini-course, music production course, singing workshops, introduction to Jazz improvisation, Inclusion Programme and arts classes. DAISY (Disability Arts In Surrey) will also add some activities to the programme.