Advice for carers

If you are looking after someone who has Covid-19, or you become unwell while caring for someone

Please do remember you can register someone you care for who may be extremely vulnerable to coronavirus on the government website.

This will help local agencies know your situation.

Support services

Key carer support services such as Action for Carers are continuing to operate providing 'at distance' support for carers of all ages.

If you need alternative support, contact Adult Social Care

If you become unwell and have no alternative support available to help with caring, please contact Adult Social Care – if you are known to the service – on 0300 200 1005.

If you are a young carer and known to Children's service, please call 0300 470 9100.

In an emergency between the hours of 5pm to 9am, please contact 01483 517898.

The Community Helpline – available on 0300 200 1008 or via SMS on 07860 053465 – can help with practical support.

Support with shopping

Most supermarkets are offering extra help for vulnerable groups; both in opening hours and with access to online delivery slots. Action for Carers Surrey is providing letters enabling unpaid carers to identify themselves and their needs, so these can be more easily met by retailers and others. This is part of a Government backed initiative to support carers.

To request a letter or ask for other advice phone 0303 040 1234 or email to :
You can also text them on: 07714 20075993.

For more information please see the Action for Carers coronavirus advice web pages.

Guides, resources and tips

There's some great resources published for young carers alongside tips for managing caring alongside school work and missing being with friends.

Crossroads Care Surrey have had to suspend their home-based carer break service but continue to support existing and new clients with practical support such as shopping, collecting prescriptions, dog walking, and remote keeping in touch services.

It's always a good idea to plan ahead for emergencies if you care for someone. A useful tool is available to help think about things like which family members, friends or neighbours could help when normal caring responsibilities are disrupted.

It is important that if you have more formal care arrangements in place to support someone you care for, this continues and is not cancelled due to concerns about visitors to your home.

Care or support workers will be following careful guidance to ensure they and you are protected. Stopping services abruptly could cause more harm than good so it's always advisable to speak to the organisation before making any decisions.

If you are worried about reduced income or benefits affected, please read the useful carers guide produced by Surrey Welfare Rights Unit.

The national website for Carers UK contains lots of useful information, including support for people's physical and mental health during this situation.

Top tips for parents when caring during Coronavirus.

Social Care Direct Payments

If you receive Direct Payments for your social care provision for a personal assistant you should have received this letter from Adult Social Care.