How can my business help?

How can my business help?

Coronavirus has brought many challenges to Surrey which has required the mobilising of resources. Whether it's providing food boxes for the vulnerable, PPE equipment for front line workers, creating testing stations, or the setting up of a new community hospital at Headley Court. Across Surrey businesses, communities and stakeholders have risen to the challenge rallied together and provided solutions to these challenges and their ensuing resource issues.

There are different scales of ask from businesses

  • Donating existing products or technology
  • Switch your focus and repurpose your business for procured solutions
  • Bring your expertise and skills

1. Donations

We've pulled together the latest asks from community groups onto two platforms where businesses can connect and offer solutions.

  • Social Value Market Place - Browse specific, one-time requests for help from charities across Surrey. Find an opportunity to donate your time, space or resources.
  • Goodsted - Allows you to browse local community initiatives which need your help. Join their team to work collaboratively to help make good things happen.

2. Paid for solutions

Surrey COVID-19 Support Portal - Businesses can browse challenges in Surrey, for which Surrey County Council are looking to procure a solution. Put forward your ideas or offers here.

Current Challenges on the Portal

Digital Inclusion - Our goal is to increase digital inclusion amongst our most vulnerable residents by:

  1. Sourcing digital equipment to distribute to disconnected community members
  2. Providing internet connection to disconnected households
  3. Empowering people to become more confident with technology

Funding if my business is helping

If you are a charity or organisation working in Surrey supporting the response in communities to Coronavirus you can now apply to the Surrey Coronavirus Response Fund. Donations to the fund are used to support you in your response efforts.