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Surrey Crime and Disorder Information Sharing Protocol

Confident and timely information exchange is the key to multi agency crime reduction work.  When conducted appropriately it reveals a more accurate picture of what is going on and enables more effective interventions for both perpetrators and victims.

The Surrey Crime and Disorder Information Sharing Protocol (C&D ISP) is a context specific, tier two protocol that is compliant with the overarching Surrey Multi Agency Information Sharing Protocol (MAISP).

The purpose of the C&D ISP is to:

  • Provide a framework for the exchange of personal or sensitive information to assist multi-agency partners in reducing crime, disorder and anti social behaviour, protecting vulnerable victims, and the implementation of Community Safety Partnership Plans
  • Ensure all partners involved in multi agency problem solving meetings such as Community Harm and Risk Management Meeting (CHaRMMs), Joint Action Groups (JAGs) and Multi Agency Risk Assessment Conferences (MARACs) understand their responsibilities with regard to information sharing
  • Facilitate the sharing of relevant personal or sensitive information between partner organisations with respect and confidentiality, while safeguarding the legal rights of individuals
  • Promote trust between partner organisations and the public