Measuring and reporting our energy consumption and Greenhouse Gas emissions

We annually report our energy consumption and emissions of greenhouse gases (GHGs) including carbon dioxide, which were emitted from our own estate and operations. You can download our reports below.

Scope of reporting

Prior to 2014/15 (2009 to 2013/14) data reported included energy consumed for heating and electricity in our buildings, all schools including Academies, street lighting, vehicle fuel, fugitive emissions from air conditioning and business travel by staff and councillors.

From 2014/15, we only include schools which are maintained by the county council in the measurement of the council's carbon emissions.

Results for 2018/19

In 2018/19, the council's total net emissions were 34,708 tonnes CO2e Net emissions are gross emissions which have been weather corrected versus our baseline year 2013/14 minus carbon offsets/green tariff. Before any weather correction, absolute net emissions were 34,118 tonnes CO2e

Performance against baseline year 2013/14

2013/14 is our current baseline year for reporting, as indicated in our Carbon and Energy Policy 2015 to 2019. There has been a reduction in our total net emissions of 34% in 2018/19 compared to 2013/14. This decrease in emissions takes account of weather correction, changes in our buildings portfolio and school status as well as a reduction in carbon emissions per unit of electricity generated on the national grid (the electricity emissions factor in 2018/19 has decreased by 20% compared to 2017/18).

Files available to download