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Surrey's new tree strategy

As part of Surrey's ambition to be a carbon neutral county by 2050, our Climate Change Strategy sets out a target to facilitate the planting of 1.2 million new trees (one for every resident) by 2030.

Trees play an important role in sequestering carbon dioxide, as well as supporting adaptation to the impacts of climate change, through shading and flood prevention. They can also provide significant benefits in terms of air quality, biodiversity, health and wellbeing, education and the economy.

Our new tree strategy (PDF) sets out how we will achieve our vision that "By 2030, Surrey will benefit from 1.2 million new trees, with the right trees planted in the right place, including both urban and rural locations, and supported to grow to maturity."

This Strategy is part of a wider Land Use Framework, which the Council is developing with partners, and which will be completed by March 2021. The framework will inform decisions on how land and natural capital is used, managed and protected, as well as the role of planning policy and maximising biodiversity net gain from future developments.

For more information about the strategy, please contact:

Files available to download