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Surrey's Greener Future design challenge

Two people wearing aprons clearing a tableEverything we do to help the environment makes a difference, which is why we want to hear from residents who can take action locally and contribute to global change. Find out how businesses can be involved.

We're inviting anyone who lives, works or studies in Surrey to submit an idea for how they could work with their community to tackle climate change. At this stage it only needs to be an idea, it doesn't matter how big or small it is so long as it helps address climate change and brings communities together.

A community panel, made up of representatives from public organisations, local businesses, charities and community groups, will then shortlist the top ten ideas.

The shortlisted ideas will be taken through a design process, where the teams will be connected with local businesses and volunteers with the resources and skills to help turn the idea into reality.

Lightbulb idea

What kind of ideas are we looking for?

We're looking for creative, innovative and exciting ideas for how communities can work together to have real impact on climate change.

They should:

  • Tackle our key climate change priorities: ideas should support the fight against climate change and be beneficial to the local environment, supporting our Community Vision objective of creating 'green, clean and safe communities'.
  • Require minimal investment to get started: while some funding will be available to support the development of shortlisted ideas, we're looking for ideas that will be quick to get off the ground and build on the strengths and resources that already exist in our communities.
  • Encourage learning and sharing: we'd love to see ideas that work in one area and have the potential to be replicated elsewhere across the county.
  • Strengthen Surrey's communities: hand-in-hand with environmental impact, we are also seeking ideas that genuinely enable communities to come together in delivering the solutions.
  • Long term sustainability: we're looking for ideas that will have a long term impact rather than being a 'one-off'.
  • Commitment: we want to ensure that groups will be committed to the process and turning their ideas into reality.

You can find out more about the sorts of ideas we are looking for and how our Community Panel will decide which ones will be taken forward in our Call for ideas Handbook (PDF).

What happens once ideas have been shortlisted?

The shortlisted ideas will be taken forward into the design process. Over six weeks teams will be supported to develop and prototype their idea, using support from local businesses and volunteers.