Climate change design challenge - sponsors and supporters

The 2019 Surrey's Greener Future Design Challenge is now complete. Keep a look out for the launch of the Design Challenge 2020.

The Surrey's Greener Future design challenge is about bringing communities together to tackle climate change. The involvement of businesses and local organisations is critical to the challenge and we are grateful to the businesses and organisations below who have contributed their time and resources to support Surrey's Greener Future.

If your business or organisation would like to get involved in Surrey's Greener Future please see the details below.

Our Supporters:

Get Involved


We are looking for two organisations to sponsor the design challenge. This would involve contributing £8,000 towards the running costs (for example to pay for expertise to enable the work, promotional materials, challenge resources and room hire).

In return, we can:

  • Refer to your organisation as a sponsor and key partner throughout the process
  • Feature your logo on our design challenge web pages (hosted on the Surrey County Council website), both on our landing page and on a specific page with details of our sponsors and supporters
  • Mention your company in our hosted social media posts about the design challenge, and sharing any social media posts directly relevant to the design challenge that your organisation makes
  • Include your logo on printed promotional materials (and also digital promotions where possible)


Our supporters (organisations or individuals) will play a critical role in the design process. This could involve:

  • Donating £500 to jump-start one of our 10 shortlisted ideas (we are seeking 10 organisations to specifically contribute in this way)
  • Providing access to a suitable venue we could use for workshops or offering refreshments
  • Providing advertising space or the ability to promote the challenge to specific audiences
  • Using skills within your organisation to help turn local ideas into reality
  • Taking part in workshops or offering support and advice

In return for your support, your organisation will be mentioned on this webpage. Where appropriate and relevant (for example in reference to a specific idea) we will mention your organisation in social media posts and/or other communications.

If you are interested in supporting the design challenge and would like to find out more, please contact us.