Energy efficiency advice

Where to get further advice

The best way to reduce the cost of your energy bills is to cut out energy waste and improve efficiency. Advice on how to do this can be sought from Action Surrey, Surrey's local and independent energy advice provider.

Action Surrey helps residents and organisations within Surrey save money, keep warm, and reduce environmental impact. They will also help you access any available grants (Surrey County Council does not offer grants for energy efficiency improvements). Contact them if you would like to know more about the following:

  • Switching your energy supplier and tariff
  • Installation of insulation, boilers, windows
  • Renewable energy (solar photovoltaic electricity, solar hot water, biomass, heat pumps)
  • Accessing a network of local contractors
  • Accessing available grants and finance options

Smart Meters

Smart meters are the new generation of gas and electricity meters being rolled out across the UK. They show you how much energy you are using as well as what it's costing you. They also send automatic meter readings to your energy supplier at least once a month, so you will receive accurate – not estimated – bills. Every household is entitled to a smart meter, and your energy supplier will contact you between now and 2020 to arrange your installation at no extra cost.

In the meantime, if you still want to see how much electricity you are using and which appliances are wasting you the most money if left on when not in use, you can borrow an 'OWL' energy monitor from your local Surrey Library.

Planning permission and Highways Authority approval

Most home energy improvements do not require planning permission, but you should check with your Local Planning Authority.

Highway Authority approval is required if your house directly adjoins the pavement or road and you intend to install external wall insulation. See: External wall insulation - information for properties adjoining the highway