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Fire safety at home

Published: 05 October 2017

Staying safe from fire in your home

With winter on its way, the evenings are getting darker and the weather colder. You may be lighting candles, turning on your electric blanket and getting out the portable heater. But these welcome additions can also cause serious fires that could harm ourselves, our friends, family and loved ones.

Check out our top fire safety tips to ensure everyone in your home is safe from fire this winter:-

Electrical safety

Are you using your electrical equipment and appliances properly? To help prevent any incidents, it’s useful you remember to:-

  • Never overload plug sockets and try and keep to one plug per socket.
  • Regularly check for frayed or worn cables and wires, and check sockets for scorch marks.
  • Unplug your appliances before you go to bed to help reduce the risk of fire.
  • Check for the British or European safety mark on all new and existing electrical goods or appliances to make sure they comply with EU safety, health and environmental requirements.

Using a portable heater or electric blanket?

  • Keep your heaters away from curtains, furniture and other flammable materials and never use them to dry your clothes.
  • Never cover the air vents on your storage heaters or fan heaters.
  • Always unplug your blanket before you go for bed.
  • Replace your electric blanket after 10 years.

Candle safety

On wintry nights there’s nothing like a candle to add a warm glow to a room, but if they’re not used properly candles can be a major fire hazard so don’t forget:-

  • Never leave lit candles unattended and make sure you put them out before bed.
  • Always keep candles away from upholstery, curtains, fabrics and furniture.
  • Make sure candles and tea lights are only used with candle holders and never placed directly onto any surface.
  • Always keep candles, lighters and matches safely out of children’s reach.

Safe and Well home visits

Residents can request a FREE Safe and Well visit which incorporates fire safety checks and information to help them live safer and more independent lives. For further information on fire safety visit the Surrey Fire and Rescue homepage.

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