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Pre-holiday leftover food checklist

Published: 27 June 2018

Plan it! freeze it! share it!

Heading off on holiday? Checked your passport is in date? Packed the sun cream? Put the cat in the cattery? But what do you do with all that food that's still in the fridge?

According to recycling charity WRAP, for every three tonnes of food we eat in the UK another tonne goes to waste; equivalent to around £20 billion worth of food a year. So before you head off on your holiday this summer, here are some tips to help you avoid wasting food and money.

Plan it!

Plan and prepare meals the week before you leave by writing out a daily meal plan and a shopping list to accompany it. To avoid buying extras make sure you remember to include any leftovers or ingredients tucked away in your cupboards, fridge or freezer when putting together your meal plan. You might be hungry when you arrive home. Prepare and freeze some meals before you leave or make sure you have enough cupboard ingredients to make something on your return.

Freeze it!

Most food can be frozen so if some of it is nearing its use by date wrap it up well and pop it in the freezer ready to be enjoyed when you're back home. If you have lots to freeze then it might help jog your memory if you label each package with what it is and the date you froze it.

Milk is a common victim of pre-holiday waste. If you have some leftover milk, why not freeze it too? It can go into the freezer in its original container; you just need to leave some space in the bottle to allow the milk to expand. When you're back, put the frozen milk in the fridge and leave to thaw.

Share it!

If you have frozen, stored and filled your belly but still have some food that needs a new home, try sharing it with family, friends or neighbours. Alternatively you can donate it to someone in your area via a free food sharing app such as OLIO.

For more tips on storing your leftover food visit the Recycle for Surrey website.

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