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Shaping a vision for Surrey's future

Published: 27 June 2018

Tell us what matters to you

Surrey is a great place to live and many residents and businesses thrive. But not everyone has the same opportunities and many people face problems including domestic abuse, homelessness and mental health issues.

And there are growing pressures for the county. The population is increasing and putting more strain on services for children and older people, housing and infrastructure. At the same time public services have finite resources to respond.

To respond to these challenges Surrey County Council believes the county needs a shared vision that will help inspire and enable better outcomes to be achieved for everyone. So the council has drafted an ambitious vision for Surrey by 2030 and is urging residents to feedback on it.

Surrey County Council Leader David Hodge explains: "With these significant challenges facing the county it is important we all agree what we want Surrey to be like in the future.

"So please share your thoughts and tell us what matters to you. The feedback will be used to turn the draft into a shared vision for Surrey that will shape our future plans for services and how we can all work together to achieve it."

To find out more about the draft vision and provide feedback visit before 3 September 2018.

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