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Surrey libraries refund policy for music and drama sets

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1. Refunds may be given in the following circumstances:

  • The items reserved and supplied are not as requested by the group due to an error on the part of Surrey libraries.
  • Insufficient copies have been secured to meet requirements where there was a reasonable expectation that this would be achieved. This may be due either to a failure of another group to return materials or of the Interlibrary Loan system.
  • Administrative error on the part of Surrey libraries leading to failure to supply items in time to meet the group's deadlines.
  • Failure to supply one item in time leads to the cancellation of a full performance programme, even if other material has been supplied in good time.
  • Where some materials have been supplied but a programme is cancelled as a result of key materials not being provided in time by Surrey libraries, a full refund may be considered, subject to proof of an advertised performance being cancelled.

Where a refund is agreed it will relate to costs paid to that date by the group in relation to the affected loan.

2. No refund of either the reservation or hire charges, will be payable in the following circumstances:

  • Cancellation of order due to circumstances unconnected with the supply or borrowing of materials from Surrey libraries.
  • Failure to collect the material.
  • Performance delay or cancellation due to circumstances unconnected with the supply or borrowing of materials from Surrey libraries.
  • Changes in the nature of the request that means Surrey libraries cannot meet the agreed timescales.
  • Changes in the timing of requests that means Surrey libraries cannot meet the new timescales
  • The group decides to reduce the number of copies required and returns a proportion of them earlier than intended.
  • Error made by the group in the details given to and fulfilled in good faith by Surrey libraries resulting in the supply of material different to actual requirements.

3. Surrey library staff reserve the right to exercise discretion in respect of refusal to refund where, in their judgement, there are exceptional circumstances or the evidence is inconclusive but this will be on a case by case basis.

In the event of a discretionary judgement that a partial refund may be appropriate (for instance where surplus copies are returned within a good time and thus made available for other groups to borrow) the proportion of fees paid to be refunded will be as agreed and at the Manager's discretion.

4. Disputes:

In the event of any dispute , the reason for the decision will be explained clearly and confirmed by e-mail or letter. In the event that this is still under dispute, and the details of request and supply prove inconclusive, the matter will be referred to the responsible senior officer for a decision.