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Love your library - volunteering

A number of volunteering roles within the library are available:


Volunteering doesn't have to be a regular commitment. Why not join us to assist with the running or supporting of community events and specific initiatives promoted by the library?

You could help before, during or after the event; as a one-off opportunity or as someone on our bank of helpers who we approach more regularly to help.

Fill in an expression of interest form to let us know we can contact you as and when a suitable event is scheduled.

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The library bookshop at Epsom is run by a team of volunteers. The revenue raised helps to support Surrey Library Service.

You will need to make a regular commitment of time (typically a morning or afternoon a week) and be willing to be part of a retail environment. Duties include customer service, cash handling, handling stock and an eye for display.

You will normally be working as a pair but some lone working may be required.

Fill in an expression of interest form to let us know if you would like to volunteer in the shop.

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Stock volunteer - library bookshop

This is a flexible role suitable for anyone interested in books and media but not necessarily seeking a public facing role (as the Epsom Library bookshop volunteering is). You will be assisting staff to raise funds for Surrey libraries by helping with backroom sorting, and pricing stock for the book-sale shelving in the library, then putting it out on the sale shelving. You may also help with circulating withdrawn books and media around the libraries. This role may be offered at any library within Surrey County Council. The role requires a minimum commitment of one 2 hour shift per week.

Fill in an expression of interest form to let us know if you would like to volunteer as a stock volunteer.

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Reading group facilitator

Most of our libraries host reading groups. If you are friendly, approachable and able to get people talking about books, you could be a group facilitator. You’ll attend the group meetings, usually held during library opening hours once every 6 weeks, and ensure everyone receives the books and resources to discuss in advance.

Fill in an expression of interest form to let us know if you would like to volunteer in a reading group.

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Customer support

You will support library customers to use the library, its services and activities. You will work alongside a member of library staff.

You will need good communication skills as you will be taught how to deal with enquiries from the public, although you will refer more complex activities to staff.

Typically we will ask you to welcome people, help them use our libraries website and the self-service kiosks, search the catalogue, and support routines; such as unpacking book crates, locating books and other resources, shelving and presenting books.

Fill in an expression of interest form to let us know if you would like to volunteer in customer support

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Library guides and ambassadors (coming soon)

We are hoping to develop this role in future. We will be looking for a small number of friendly volunteers to support us in marketing the services of both Surrey Libraries and the Community Partnered Libraries to the local community.

This may involve organising and/or presenting to other community groups and answering questions at the end of the presentation, making school visits, or helping host tours of the libraries. We haven’t launched this role yet, but we can keep you updated if you tell us you are interested.

To register an interest email or telephone 01483 543599.

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General volunteering enquiry

If you have particular skills which you would like to offer on an individual basis, which do not fit with any of the roles listed, please put 'General volunteering enquiry' as your message heading and get in touch by emailing or telephone 01483 543599.