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Group membership of Surrey Performing Arts Library

Music and play sets are available for loan to groups, societies and educational establishments.

Group membership is by annual subscription: current charges.

Your membership becomes active as soon as your card is registered on our system. Please note that to be registered as a Surrey based group you must rehearse within the administrative area of Surrey and perform mainly in Surrey.

Each group must designate a representative who agrees to accept full liability for all material borrowed by the group and any fees or charges incurred. The designated representative is the sole user of the card and must produce the card every time material is collected. The card is not transferable to any other member of the group and the PIN must be kept securely.

To register your group, your representative must provide proof of personal identity (name and address) such as a driving licence or utility bill, plus a letter* (preferably on headed paper) containing the following information:

  • Name of group
  • Name of representative
  • Acceptance of responsibility for the card, materials borrowed and any fees or charges incurred by named representative on behalf of the group

(*or written authorisation from the head of an educational establishment.)

Registration by post

Please mark the envelope Group Membership and post to the following address:

Surrey Performing Arts Library
Denbies Wine Estate
London Road

Your representative must include the following in the envelope:

  • A photocopy of proof of personal identity (including address), such as a driving licence or utility bill
  • A letter (preferably on headed paper) containing the following information: Name of group, name of representative and acceptance of responsibility for the ticket and materials borrowed
  • A cheque covering the yearly subscription fee, (hire charges will be charged separately), made payable to Surrey County Council

Keeping your details up to date

Once you have subscribed, please make sure your representative keeps all the details up to date by contacting Surrey Performing Arts Library on 01306 887509/875453 or by email

Any change of your designated representative must be notified to Surrey Performing Arts Library immediately.

Your new representative will need to confirm the change by producing the following:

  • The existing group ticket
  • A letter of authorisation from the previous representative
  • Proof of identify (name and current address)

As soon as the change of representative has been registered, your new representative becomes responsible for items already on loan on that group membership card as well as any fees or charges incurred.

Group loan periods and charges

Material borrowed for performances will be loaned for periods of one month accommodating performance dates of up to 12 months ahead  i.e. for 1, 2, 3, 4 months etc. This period must be determined at the time of collection or stated at the time of the initial request. As future reservations are made on the basis of these stated performance dates, set material may not be renewed if it is subsequently requested by another group. A non-refundable charge for each monthly loan period is payable. A further loan charge will be payable on sets returned more than 3 working days beyond the initial due date. Details of our hire charges can be found on our website.

Requesting your material

Please request material in adequate time. We suggest you make your reservation between 2 and 6 months in advance of your first rehearsal date. You can do this in person at Surrey Performing Arts Library, by email, telephone (01306 887509/875453), online set request form or post. Please state clearly:

Your details:

  • Group name
  • Group library card number
  • Card holder's name
  • Address
  • Daytime contact number
  • Evening contact number
  • Email address

Details of the set you are requesting:

  • Composer/Playwright
  • Editor/Arranger/Translator
  • Title
  • Publisher
  • Date of publication
  • Version e.g. SATB/SAA
  • Language
  • Number of copies required
  • Orchestra/Wind set
  • First rehearsal date
  • Performance date
  • Which library would you like to collect the set from

A non-returnable reservation fee is payable in advance for this service.

Sets which have been reserved in advance cannot under any circumstances be loaned to another group.

Items borrowed from other library authorities

If a title is not in stock or is unavailable we may try to obtain it from other library authorities. This service is available to Surrey based groups only and is done at the discretion of the staff. Please note that we cannot offer any guarantee of supply since this is a goodwill facility between library authorities.

A non-returnable reservation fee is payable in advance for this service. It is imperative that material borrowed from other authorities is returned complete, intact and within the loan period given by the lending library. Our continued use of this facility is dependent on your respect for it.

Use of material

  • Items should be returned in the same condition in which they were borrowed. Pencil markings must be removed.
  • The number of parts in sets must be checked by you, the borrower, at the time of the loan. Any missing parts identified on return will be the group's responsibility.
  • Orchestral sets must be returned with parts in running number order.
  • All orchestral and vocal sets must be returned complete. If parts are lost or badly damaged the group should replace them with new or good condition copies of the same edition. If a replacement copy cannot be obtained then a replacement charge will be made. In the case of instrumental, chamber or orchestral material where crucial parts are lost, this charge will reflect the full replacement cost of the work. To help you to replace copies or parts we can supply publishers' details. Unauthorised photocopies or manuscripts are unacceptable.

Performance and royalties

Play sets on loan from Surrey Performing Arts Library are not necessarily released for amateur performance. In your own interest you are advised to apply to the publisher before committing yourself to a production. Similarly, royalty payments are usually payable on any music or play performed publicly and we strongly advise you to contact the publisher or the Performing Rights Society (020 7580 5544) at an early stage.


Users of all material borrowed from Surrey libraries are reminded that all unauthorised copies are illegal, whether made by machine or by hand.

And finally…

If you are using our copies for a concert or play production, we would appreciate an acknowledgement in your programme.