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Changes to newspaper provision

Starting April 2018


In the financial year 2016–2017, providing Newspapers in every Surrey Library cost approximately £60,000.

With the challenge of changing budgets this year, we have had to make some decisions about how we provide newspapers in the Library service.

How did we decide what to do?

  • Survey the customers for preference and frequency of use.
  • Collated comments and opinions from Library users.
  • Collated cost of the Newspaper provision for each branch.
  • Explored costs of various publications and provision scenarios.

What informed our recommendation?

  • Newspaper budget reduced.
  • Remove the cost of delivery charges.
  • Comments concerning political bias and the desire for the most neutral newspaper.
  • Looked at the readership of newspapers in the Libraries.

What does this mean for your local Library?

All branches will continue to provide newspapers as follows on days they are open:

  • The 10 biggest libraries will receive two copies of the i, including Saturdays.
  • All other Libraries will receive one copy of the i , including Saturdays.
  • All Branches will receive one copy of a weekly local paper.

Frequently asked questions

Why have we reduced the Newspaper provision?

There is a high cost to provide this service, we were spending £60,000 from the resources budget, which is the same budget that is used for the purchase of book stock. Due to the current challenging financial climate, this is no longer sustainable

Why have we chosen the i

Responses from Newspaper surveys and general comments from customers, has shown a high level of concern that the papers we currently provide have a pronounced political bias. With a reduced level of provision we needed to find a paper that provides the most balance views whilst staying within budget.

What if I want to read a different Newspaper?

All Library members have free access to PressReader both at home and in the Library. PressReader provides a wide range of national newspapers and magazines.

We are aware that some customers are hesitant to access this resource, please do ask a member of staff/volunteer to show you how to access PressReader. You can access PressReader through the Surrey Libraries Online reference shelf.

We also have Digital Buddies who are able to offer one to one support to access PressReader as well as other online resources. Please ask at your local branch if you require further information or support.

Can I donate newspapers to my Library?

We welcome donations of Newspapers at all our Libraries and are able to accept the following donated newspapers:

  • The Daily Telegraph
  • The Times
  • Financial Times
  • Daily Mail
  • The Guardian
  • Metro/Evening Standard
  • The Daily Express
  • The Independent
  • Local papers
  • Foreign language papers

Why are we no longer supplying foreign papers?

Foreign papers do not generate high usage, as there is a wide variety of foreign language newspapers and magazines available on Press Display, we have decided to cease supplying physical copies.

I am still not happy about this. What should I do?

If you wish to make a formal complaint/query please ask a member of staff for a complaints form or contact:

The Library Information Service
c/o Guildford Library
77 North Street

Telephone: 01483 543599