Become a nature explorer and collect a nature passport from your library

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What is the Surrey Nature Explorer Passport?

Become a Surrey Nature Explorer this summer and go on adventures with a chance to win amazing prizes! The Surrey Nature Explorer Passport is a free and fun way to explore nature and libraries.

The Surrey Nature Explorer Passport is a bit like a real passport that you can use to collect stickers for completing fun nature challenges. The passport runs until Saturday 6 November and is aimed at explorers aged 4-12.

To put your explorer skills to the test we have created 15 challenges, fun and creative activities that you can complete at your own pace. Some of the activities are super easy while others will take a bit more time. You should be able to complete each challenge regardless of your age and can choose to write, draw, or video about your activities.

Passports and activity sheets will be ready for pick up at Surrey libraries once the scheme is launched, so keep an eye out for the official launch date! Launch date to follow.

How does it work?

Complete six different activities to become a fully certified Surrey Nature Explorer. All the activities have a connection to nature and our amazing libraries.

To start your adventure, you will need to do the following:

  • Head to a Surrey library to pick up your free passport and activities sheet.
  • Put on your favourite explorer hat and start adventuring.
  • After completing a challenge, head back to your library and collect a sticker for your achievement! Don't forget to bring along the finished project or photo or video of it, to show us what you have accomplished. If you are happy to share what you have created, we would love to put it on display!
  • Once your passport has six stickers, you can collect a small prize at the library and enter the prize draw to win one of ten fantastic outdoor prizes (worth up to £50 each)! Just write your name, telephone number and (parents) email address on a piece of paper and hand it to a librarian! We will use this information to contact you if you are a lucky winner.
  • Ready for the ultimate challenge? Finish all 15 activities for a chance to win one of five Surrey adventure days (worth up to £150 each). Just pick up another passport and keep exploring!

Top tip for Explorers: Remember to be careful when you are out and about to keep yourself, nature, and its incredible creatures safe from harm!

What you can win?

We are giving away 15 amazing prizes as part of the Surrey Nature Explorer Challenge!

10 prizes (worth up to £50 each) will go to explorers who have finished six challenges. If you are a lucky winner, you can choose one of the following:

Five additional prizes will go to explorers who manage to finish all 15 challenges. If you are a lucky winner, you will win one of the following:

The prize draw will take place on Friday 17 November 2021, and the winners will be contacted by a member of staff. All personal details will be kept in a secure location at each site and will be destroyed at the end of the giveaway.


To put your explorer skills to the test, we have created 15 fun and creative activities that you can complete at your own pace. We have also included tips and links that will help you complete some of the challenges.

Finding the challenges a bit tricky? That's no reason to worry, it's ok to be a bit creative when completing them. You could also join forces with fellow explorers and ask friends and family members to help. Most importantly, get outside and have fun!

Book worm challenge

Did you know that books are completely free to borrow from your local library and you can have your own library account? Ask a parent or carer to join you online or you can join in person at your local library. Ask your parent or carer to bring with them, one piece of identification with their name and address on.

Wild World Heroes Summer Reading Challenge

How many books are you going to read over the Summer? Sign up for the Wild World Heroes Summer Reading Challenge at your local library!

Bug hideout challenge

Did you know that bug hideouts will help minibeasts hide from predators? Protect the minibeasts in your garden or park by building a hideout using natural materials like piles of dead wood, cut branches and plants. Go exploring for the materials and share a photo with your librarian next time you visit your local library to get a sticker! Be as creative as you like. For inspiration, watch the following videos on the Surrey Libraries YouTube channel, bug hotel craft and easy bug hotel. How cool are these?

Leaf challenge

Find three different leaves and create a leaf rubbing! All you need is some paper, charcoal/ crayons/pens and your leaves. Take your first leaf and place it with its bottom side up under your paper. Now use your crayon or pen to rub over the leaf. Afterwards, try to identify the leaves using a book at your local library or on the internet.

Explorer challenge

This summer go on a journey of discovery and put your explorer skills to the test! Pick up the explorer sheet at your local library and start your adventure into the mysterious nature habitats that are all around you! Can you spot what makes the different landscapes so special? Bring the completed sheet to your local library to collect a sticker!

Happy hedgehog habitat challenge

Do you know how hedgehogs got their name? Hedgehogs love sleeping in hedges, bushes and shrubs and are called hogs because the sounds they make sound a bit like the snort of pigs! Another cool fact about hedgehogs is that they carry up to 7,000 spikes called quills on their back. Because they sleep during the day, they might be hard to spot, so why not create your own pinecone hedgehog family and take a photo of them in their habitat outside! To get a sticker take the photo with you to your local library! Be as creative as you want or check out our cool Surrey Libraries Craft Session on the Surrey Libraries YouTube channel, how to make happy hogs, for some help

Wilderness survival challenge

Every explorer needs to be able to survive in the wild. Can you create a den just from fallen sticks and branches? Create a den enough for you and your friends, or a small one just for you. Whatever you choose, share a photo with your librarian next time you visit your local library to get a sticker!

Ant explorer challenge

Ants are extraordinary critters! They can travel miles in search of their next meal and can carry up to 50 times their own weight! Can you craft a little ant and write a story about its adventures in the countryside? You can also draw a picture or write a poem about your small but mighty hero. Share it with your local library next time you visit to get a sticker. Be as creative as you like or watch the video on our YouTube channel, Walking Ant, for some guidance on how to make an ant!

Adventure story challenge

Calling all story tellers and wordsmiths! Have you been thinking about writing or telling an adventure story? For inspiration, try to think of your recent adventures in nature and everything you saw, heard, and felt while exploring the great outdoors! Write it down, type it up, draw it or make a video of your story and share it with your local library next time you stop by.

Origami challenge

Did you know that Origami is the art of paper folding from Japan? Bring the outdoors inside by creating three origami animals! Show us how you got on by bringing them to your local library or by sharing a photo next time you visit your local library to get a sticker! Check out some origami books at the library or take a look at the videos from Surrey Libraries Origami Club for some inspiration.

Scavenger hunt challenge

Go on a scavenger hunt and try to collect or spot everything on this list! You don't have to find all of these at once. Take a photo of all your treasures and share it with a librarian.

You can collect:

  • An acorn
  • A feather
  • A heart-shaped stone
  • Something yellow
  • Three-leaf clover A pinecone
  • A fallen flower
  • Something spikey
  • Something smooth
  • A y-shaped stick

You can try and spot:

  • A countryside sign
  • An animal shaped cloud
  • A bird nest
  • A bridge
  • A bug
  • Animal tracks
  • A colourful plant
  • A squirrel
  • A mushroom
  • A pond
  • Some berries

Coding challenge

Being out and about in the countryside can feel quite different to being in the town or village where you live. To make sure you stay safe and to protect the animals and landscapes you are visiting, complete our countryside code challenge! Pick up the Coding Challenge sheet at your local library.

Ladybird and caterpillar challenge

Get out your scissors and glue sticks to craft a little ladybird or caterpillar and bring it to your local library! Be as creative as you want or check out these easy videos on the Surrey Libraries YouTube channel for guidance: Surrey libraries craft session - Ladybird and how to make a Caterpillar.

Wild reader challenge

Have you ever read a book outside in a park or under a big tree? Tell us about your favourite books and your favourite places to read them! Write a story about it or draw a picture and share it with your local library next time you visit.

Safari challenge

From busy bees and hard-working ants to slimy slugs and creepy spiders – our countryside has many little beasts to explore! Get your adventurer hat and go on a safari to find five types of minibeasts! Can you find minibeasts with no legs, six legs, eight legs and more than eight legs?

Some minibeasts like to hide, so check out under flower pots or big stones, the bark of trees and long grass areas – just be careful not to hurt the plants or minibeasts! Draw the beasts you find and where you found them. Can you identify the beasts you found? The library has lots of helpful books if you are looking for a bit of help! Once you have completed your beast portrait, share the picture with your local library.

Places to visit

Some suggestions of places you might like to visit:

Why are we doing this?

We want children to get closer to nature and explore their wild surroundings - wherever that may be! On top of that, we want to raise awareness about all the amazing resources and events on offer at Surrey Libraries and encourage children to read more.