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First books for babies

It's never too early to introduce your baby to books!

Look for books with simple rhyming texts, lift-the-flaps and clear, bright illustrations to share with your child.


Dann, Penny - Old MacDonald had a Farm

A board book version of this popular rhyme.

Kubler, Annie - Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes

A group of babies act out the actions to this lively song.

Kubler, Annie - If You're Happy and You Know It ...

A collection of action rhymes for babies with lovely bright pictures.

Prater, John - Number One, Tickle Your Tum

A counting rhyme with two bears!

Prater, John - The Bear went Over the Mountain

Grandbear and Baby Bear enjoy an adventure.

Smee, Nicola - Sleepyhead

A gentle rhyme lulls a baby to sleep.

Wojtowycz, David - Pussycat, Pussycat and other Nursery Rhymes

A short collection of classic animal nursery rhymes.

Simple stories

Bruna, Dick - Miffy's House

A simple story with bright clear illustrations and a lovable character.

Campbell, Rod - Dear Zoo

A letter to a zoo asking for a pet results in a series of unusual animals turning up - a classic lift-the-flap book!

Carle, Eric - The Very Hungry Caterpillar

A caterpillar eats its way through a variety of foods before transforming into a beautiful butterfly.

Cousins, Lucy - Maisy's Best Friends

Maisy has lots of special friends - but who is her best friend?

Hill, Eric - Where's Spot?

In Spot's first adventure, children can help lift the flaps to find out where the playful puppy is hiding.

Inkpen, Mick - Wibbly Pig Likes Bananas

Wibbly Pig is very clear about what he likes ... and what he doesn't like!

Jones, Lara - Yum, Yum, Poppy Cat

Poppy Cat enjoys all her favourite foods - jelly, spaghetti & more. A lovely touch-and-feel book for babies.

Oxenbury, Helen - Playing

A baby enjoys playing with a number of different familiar objects.

Manning, Mick - Sam's ABC

A first ABC book which looks at familiar items in a child's world.

Ross, Tony - I Want my Potty

"Nappies are YUUECH!" said the little princess. "There must be something better." A funny look at potty training.

Stickland, Paul - One Bear, One Dog

A big, bouncy bear and his animal friends, rhyme their way through this lovely book, until a very special surprise greets your child on the last page.

Watanabe, Shigeo - How Do I Put it On?

A small bear learns how to dress himself.

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