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Children's online reference shelf

Need extra help with your projects or homework?

We've subscribed to a range of information sources so you can have a reference library at home or at the library. We have also created a selection of useful websites.

There are more online resources on our adult online reference shelf.

When signing in to resources marked with an asterisk, prefix your borrower number with SURREY

If you have trouble logging into our online products, have a look at our help page.

  • Credo Reference
    An online library providing access to a selection of reference books, including encyclopedias, dictionaries, thesauri and books of quotations.
  • Custom Newspapers
    Access to 2,500 titles (including The Daily Telegraph, The Economist, Financial Times, The Guardian, Independent, Daily Mail, The Mirror, The Times and The Observer) in the library and from home.
  • Encyclopedia Britannica (Junior)
    Information on anything and everything - at your fingertips.
  • Oxford Art Online
    * Prefix your borrower number with SURREY. Access the vast content of Grove Art Online and other Oxford art reference resources in one location.
  • Oxford Dictionary of National Biography
    * Prefix your borrower number with SURREY. Information on over 50,000 people from around the world who have helped to shape Britain's past.
  • Oxford Music Online
    * Prefix your borrower number with SURREY. Access multiple resources including Grove Music Online, Oxford Music Online, The Oxford Companion to Music and the Oxford Dictionary of Music, as well as Colin Larkin's Encyclopedia of Popular Music.
  • Oxford Reference Online
    * Prefix your borrower number with SURREY. Dictionaries, quotations, thesauri, timelines, maps, flags and encyclopedias. Over 100 reference works for you to search!
  • PressDisplay
    *Prefix your borrower number with SURREY. Today's papers including the Independent, Guardian, Telegraph, Daily Mail, Daily Express. Also regional papers and newspapers from around the world.
  • Times Digital Archive
    Contains every issue of The Times between 1785 and 2010. View a short guided tour of Times Digital Archive (this may take a few minutes to load).
  • Who Next...?
    Read everything by your favourite author? This interactive tool will help parents, teachers and librarians to find alternative authors.
  • World Book Kids
    Search for facts, pictures, maps and use the online dictionary in the World Book encyclopedia.
  • MyWorkSearch (only available in Surrey libraries)
    MyWorkSearch gives you both job-search training and a highly effective job-search tool. Improve your CV, track relevant new vacancies and keep your JobCentre Plus adviser informed effortlessly. Sign up for MyWorkSearch in one of our libraries and you will have access to this comprehensive resource for 12 months.