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Class visits

Coronavirus: due to the coronavirus outbreak, all Surrey Libraries are closed

Please read this urgent statement about Surrey's library service including information about loans and renewals.

You can access our online library services: Free eBooks, eAudio, eMagazines, eComic and newspapers as well as other resources that can be accessed at home

Shut but still open

We have published a list of online services, activities and fun things for both children and adults to do whilst at home.

Libraries from home for children and young people

Libraries from home for adults

Dear Teacher

Have you thought about bringing your class or group to visit their local library?

Surrey Libraries welcomes visits from school classes, pre-school groups and groups such as Brownies, Cubs and Scouts.

We would like as many children as possible to know about and benefit from our services. We aim to support children's educational and leisure needs by:

  • Developing their confidence in using books and other information sources
  • Helping them to become independent library users
  • Stimulating their imagination and a love of reading for pleasure.

Class visits would include some or all of the following, depending on the age of the children, and your own requirements:

  • How to join the library
  • How the library is organised and how to find books and information
  • How to use the library catalogue
  • Information skills
  • Stories
  • Games and activities

Perhaps a library visit could form part of your Book Week activities.

Our libraries do vary in size and the availability of class visits will depend on staffing, opening hours, space, and the demand for visits. If you are unable to visit the library, it might be possible for a member of the library staff to visit your school to talk to the pupils about the library, either during an assembly, or to individual classes.

To arrange a class visit, please contact 03456 009 009 and ask to speak to the manager of your local library to find out if they can accommodate your class. It would help us to have about six weeks notice of a visit.

We look forward to seeing you at the library.