Surrey Waste Local Plan Consultation - proposed main modifications

Consultation on proposed main modifications, updated Environmental and Sustainability Report and proposed modifications to policies maps

This consultation ran between 13 January 2020 and 23 February 2020. As part of this consultation we published the following documents for comments:

A summary of the representations received and the council's responses to these can be found in this Representations Summary and Council Response (PDF) report.

The representations received are published below:

Proposed Main Modifications Consultation Representor Unique ID Table (PDF).

Background information

Proposed Main Modifications to the Surrey Waste Local Plan have been identified that are considered necessary to make a plan sound and legally compliant. These Proposed Main Modifications were identified during the examination process, before, during and after the Hearing Sessions. The Proposed Main Modifications are contained in the Schedule of Proposed Main Modifications document.

The County Council has also updated the Environmental and Sustainability Report (comprising Strategic Environmental Assessment and Sustainability Appraisal) as a result of discussions at the hearings and in light of the Proposed Main Modifications, in order to ensure the Environmental and Sustainability Report (ESR) is legally compliant. The ESR is published in full but only parts of it are amended. Please see the Schedule of Changes document for a list of all the main alterations and where these can be found.

Modifications to specific Policies Maps are also proposed as a result of the examination process.

For completeness, the County Council has also published its Proposed Additional Modifications (minor corrections or changes that do not materially affect the content of the Plan).

'Tracked changes' versions of the Plan, which show the modifications as they appear in the Plan, are also available.

Please note that the Proposed Additional Modifications are not before the Inspector for consideration and are provided solely for information.