Surrey Waste Local Plan Submission Library

The submission documents that were submitted to the Planning Inspectorate on the 12 April 2019 are available below.

Hardcopies of the Plan are available to view at Surrey County Council County Hall as well as District and Borough offices, and can be ordered by email or telephone 03456 009 009.

Representations gathered during the Period for Representations (Regulation 19) that were submitted to the Secretary of State can be found on the representations webpage.

Main documents

Key documents

The sections below list the evidence documents that support the Submission Surrey Waste Local Plan.

Strategic Environment Assessment and Sustainability Appraisal

Habitats Regulations Assessment (HRA)

The HRA report has been updated to incorporate that Statement of Common Ground (SoCG) with Natural England (PDF). The updated version of the HRA report (January 2020) SCCD-019 includes the SoCG as a new Appendix D with reference to the new Appendix made in the main chapters as relevant.

Other supporting documents

Technical Assessments relating to allocated sites (including shortlisted sites at Draft Plan stage)

Air Quality Impact Assessment

Landscape and Visual Assessments

Strategic Flood Risk Assessment

Transport Assessment

Ecological Assessment

Duty to Cooperate

Development Plan Documents

Previous Consultation Summary Documents

Draft Statements of Common Ground (SoCG)

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