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The Surrey Waste Local Plan 2019-2033

The Surrey Waste Local Plan sets out how and where different types of waste will be managed in Surrey in the future. It sets out the planning policy framework for the development of waste management facilities and is used in determining planning applications. The current plan has been in place since 2008 and needs to be updated.

The council's latest plan (called the 'Submission Surrey Waste Local Plan') was agreed by Cabinet on Tuesday 18 December 2018. We gathered views on the Plan from residents, businesses and stakeholders during the Regulation 19 Period for Representations that ran from the 14 January 2019 to 10 March 2019. This is in accordance with the adopted Statement of Community Involvement and Regulation 19 of the Town and Country Planning (Local Planning) (England) Regulations 2012.

Surrey Waste Local Plan Examination

On Friday 12 April 2019, Surrey County Council submitted the Submission Surrey Waste Local Plan to the Planning Inspectorate for public examination. Included within the submission documents were:

You can view all documents submitted as part of the Submission Surrey Waste Local Plan on our Submission Library page. This submission library provides access to all supporting evidence and technical assessments relevant to the submitted Local Plan.

Hardcopies of the Waste Local Plan are available to view at Surrey County Council, County Hall and District and Borough offices. If required hardcopies can be ordered by emailing: or calling 03456 009 009.

We have also produced a Non-Technical Summary (PDF) for the Plan as well as a list of frequently asked questions (PDF).

Through the course of the Local Plan examination a range of information will be produced by all parties involved in the hearing sessions, including by the Planning Inspectorate. This information will include hearing dates and agendas, and will be published as and when it becomes available.

The Inspector

Planning Inspector; Anne Napier BA(Hons) MRTPI MIEMA CEnv, has been appointed to undertake an independent examination into the soundness of Surrey Waste Local Plan 2019 to 2033.

The Inspector will take into account the representations submitted upon the Plan as far as they relate to soundness considerations. The Inspector will conduct a series of Hearing Sessions. Whilst they will be open for all to observe, participants are limited to those who have made representations on the plan. At each hearing the Inspector will inquire into and lead a discussion with the Council and the invited participants on the issues identified in advance.

Following the Examination, the Inspector will prepare a report to the Council with precise recommendations, which may include modifications to the Plan, if such a request is made by the Council.

Further information and guidance from the Inspector will be available in due course. Any queries people may have regarding the Examination process should be directed to the Programme Officer who can assist.

For information on how the examination of the waste plan will be carried out, guidance has been published; Examining Local Plans Procedural Practice.

The Programme Officer

Charlotte Glancy of Banks Solutions has been appointed to act as the Programme Officer for the Surrey Waste Local Plan 2019-2033 examination. The Programme Officer manages the administrative and procedural matters of the examination process and acts as a liaison between all parties, including the Council and the Planning Inspector. The Programme Officer is independent of the Council and reports directly to the Inspector.

All statements and questions regarding the proceedings should be submitted to the Programme Officer.

Contact details:

  • Name: Charlotte Glancy
  • Email:
  • Address: c/o Banks Solutions. 80 Lavinia Way, East Preston, West Sussex, BN16 1DD
  • Tel: 01903 776601

Hearing sessions venue and timetable

The Hearing sessions (which are part of the examination) will start on Tuesday 17 September and are currently expected to last for around 6 days. They will be held at County Hall, Penrhyn Road, Kingston upon Thames, KT1 2DN. Further details relating to the hearing sessions are set out in ID-002 Hearing timetable (PDF), ID-003 Inspector's Guidance Note (PDF) and ID-005 Examination Guidance Note 2 (PDF) documents. Please note the hearing timetable will remain draft as the timetable can still change at any time. Updated versions of the timetable with a new version number will be published here. Please continue to check the timetable for updates.

The PO-001 SCC LP Introductory Letter (PDF) from the programme officer is available online.

Hearing Statements

The hearing statements published below are those that were submitted to the Programme Officer prior to the deadline of Friday 23 August, in accordance with ID-003 Inspector's Guidance Notes.

Hearing Statements - Matter 1. (a) Duty to Cooperate and (b) Legal Compliance

Hearing Statements - Matter 2. Overall Assessment of Need

Hearing Statements - Matter 3. Sustainable Waste Management

Hearing Statements - Matter 4. Spatial Strategy (Policies 9, 10, 11a, 11b and 12)

Hearing Statements - Matter 5. Allocations and ILAS (Policies 10, 11a, 11b, 12)

Hearing Statements - Matter 6. Design and the Environment (Policies 13, 14)

Hearing Statements - Matter 7. Transport and connectivity (Policy 15)

Hearing Statements - Matter 8. Community, engagement, delivery, monitoring and review (Policy 16)

Examination Library

Inspector Documents:

Surrey County Council Documents:

The documents below are draft revised schedules of modifications. They were produced for discussion during the Hearing Session on 26 September 2019.

The document below is the draft schedule of Main Modifications being considered by Surrey County Council's Cabinet on 17 December 2019.

Statements of Common Ground (SoCGs):

Examination Documents:

Post Submission Documents:

The following documents were submitted to the Inspector on 12 April 2019 alongside the Submission Surrey Waste Local Plan but changes have been made to these documents subsequent to them being submitted. Changes are corrections or are for clarity. The version control table at the front of these documents records each of the changes as well as the reasoning behind each change.