Printing from the interactive map

You are allowed to print extracts of the map for your personal use only (for more details, see our advice on the use of mapping).

How to print from the map

  • Make sure that the map shows the section that you want to print (you may need to zoom or move the map to get the right section on the screen).
  • Click the print a map option on the left of the screen.
  • You will be given the choice of quick print or standard print (standard print gives you a higher quality map with a key and scale but takes longer to produce). Select the one you want.
  • If you selected standard print you will have the opportunity to add your own title (maximum of 60 characters) to the map.
  • Click the print link.
  • A new window will open displaying your map (this may take a few moments on slow connections). Click the print now button.
  • Your computer will print the map (depending on how your computer is set up, it may ask you to confirm the print settings for the map).
  • Updated: 04 Dec 2014