Finding the exact location of a point on the map

You can use the interactive map to find out the grid reference for a specific point. The map can tell you the six figure grid reference as well as the twelve figure grid reference.

The control for finding grid references is in the measuring section on the left of the screen.

Interactive map measure

How to find a grid reference

  • Make sure that the map is showing the point that you want to find out about (you may need to move or zoom it to do this)
  • Click on the grid reference option. The background of the option will turn yellow to indicate you have selected it.
  • Click on the map at the point you want to find the grid reference for. A pop up window will appear and display the grid reference for that point.
  • If you want to find out further grid references, you can click on the map again and the pop up window will update to show the new grid reference.
  • Updated: 04 Dec 2014