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The Portable Antiquities Scheme in Surrey

The Finds Liaison Officer works to identify and record archaeological objects found by members of the public in Surrey on behalf of the Portable Antiquities Scheme (PAS). The scheme, which is voluntary and managed by the British Museum, aims to promote understanding of archaeological objects and record them wherever they are found, across England and Wales.

The Finds Liaison Officer is available to finders and members of the public by appointment on Wednesdays at the Surrey History Centre, and also at local metal detector club meetings and museum days on a monthly basis. The finds records generated by the Finds Liaison Officer are publicly available and are used by groups such as local heritage organisations and academic researchers. They also form part of the Historic Environment Record.

All finders of gold and silver objects, and groups of coins over 300 years old, have a legal obligation to report such items under the Treasure Act 1996. Prehistoric base-metal assemblages also qualify as Treasure. Finders of potential Treasure should contact the Finds Liaison Officer for help in reporting Treasure and for further advice. By law, finds of potential Treasure must be reported to the Coroner in whose district they were found within 14 days of discovery.

For more information about the Portable Antiquities Scheme, please visit the Finds website. If you have found an object in Surrey which you think should be recorded, or have any enquires regarding the PAS, please contact the Finds Liaison Officer for Surrey, Dr Simon Maslin.

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