What is the Historic Environment Record used for?

The Surrey Historic Environment Record (HER) is used by the County Council's Archaeological Officers to give informed advice to County and Borough/District planners, developers and archaeological contractors.

This advice can help in reducing the impact of development on archaeology, in drawing up management plans and in site interpretation. The HER is invaluable in ensuring that archaeology is properly considered, monitored and conserved as Surrey develops.

The HER is also a valuable resource for students, local archaeologists, local historians and interested members of the public. Anyone interested in finding out more about an aspect of Surrey's past will find the HER an excellent place to start their search.

The Exploring Surrey's Past project allows its potential as an education tool to be fully realised. Parish histories make records from the HER relevant to particular areas, as well as providing illustration of various 'themes' in Surrey's past. Easy-to-read summaries have been created, making site records accessible to all, through the on-line resource.