How you can help the Historic Environment Record

Surrey Historic Environment Record User Survey

The Surrey Historic Environment Record (HER) has launched an online survey to find out what our users think of various aspects of our current service and how we might improve it in the future.

If you have used the HER in the past couple of years, or have any ideas about new ways in which we could develop the service, it would be a great help to us if you could spare a few minutes to complete the user survey. There are plenty of opportunities throughout the survey to leave your comments, although is not necessary to provide answers to every question.

The survey is on the Microsoft Forms platform, making it easy to access and complete. If you do have any issues in taking part in the survey, or have any queries about it, then please contact The deadline for responses is 11.59pm on Friday 3 December 2021.

We need your help to keep the Surrey Historic Environment Record (HER) up to date. If you have any information relating to the archaeology, landscape or historic buildings in your part of the county, we would like to hear from you.

Any historic landscape features observed or finds made when walking or gardening could improve our knowledge and understanding of Surrey's past, but only if the relevant information is reported. The Surrey Finds Liaison Officer or your local museum are best placed to help you identify small artefacts. All other discoveries can be reported to the HER using a Surrey HER Finds Report Form which can be obtained via email at

Let us know what you have found and where, and that information can be added to the HER, for the benefit of all who are interested in studying and preserving our past.

If you have some spare time or are interested in a particular aspect of archaeology or history, you can volunteer to research and add information to the HER. The HER Officer can offer information on current projects if you need some ideas, and welcomes ideas for new projects. Please email to find out more.