How you can help the Historic Environment Record

Coronavirus - Historic Environment Record

The Surrey Historic Environment Record continues to operate and offer most of the usual search and enquiry services despite the restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic. At present, team members have limited access to the office so, instead of sending anything by post, please submit completed report forms by email to

We need your help to keep the Historic Environment Record (HER) up to date. If you have any information relating to the archaeology, landscape or historic buildings in your area, we would like to hear from you.

Any finds made or features observed when gardening or walking could improve our knowledge and understanding of Surrey's past, but only if the relevant information is reported. The Surrey Finds Liaison Officer or your local museum are best placed to help you identify small artefacts. Other finds can be reported to the HER using a Surrey HER Finds Report Form that can be downloaded below.

Let us know what you have found and where, and that information can be added to the HER, for the benefit of all who are interested in studying and preserving our past.

If you have some spare time or are interested in a particular aspect of archaeology or history, you can volunteer to research and add information to the HER. The HER Officer can offer information on current projects if you need some ideas, and will welcome ideas for new projects.

Files available to download