Consulting the HER for Tandridge District planning requirements

Coronavirus: contacting Surrey HER during the situation

The Surrey HER continues to offer Tandridge District Local Validation Requirement searches done to both priority and standard timescales despite the restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

As a result of current Government instructions regarding COVID-19 and also the relocation of the HER office base following the closure of County Hall in Kingston at the end of 2020, the team is working exclusively from home and so search requests should not be submitted by post. Please use the Tandridge Validation requirement HER search form (PDF) and email completed forms to

Since November 2011, most non-domestic planning applications to Tandridge District Council are required to provide a Heritage Statement as part of its Local Validation Requirements. The first stage of this process is to consult the Surrey Historic Environment Record (HER) in order to assess whether the proposal is likely to affect a heritage asset.

Consulting the HER will provide the applicant with the raw HER data showing whether there are any heritage assets on, or within 100 metres of the development site. Searches are classified as positive or negative depending on the presence of heritage assets. The HER data is not interpreted at this stage and if the search is positive (i.e. there are heritage assets on or lying close to your development site) then you will need to get the information interpreted and based on that, you may be required to produce a heritage statement.

Whether the search is positive or negative, a copy of the results email which contains your unique HER reference number, together with any attachments and the associated plan showing the extent of the site on which the search was based, should be submitted to Tandridge District Council with your application, together with the completed Local Validation Requirements Checklist.

Please note that in providing this information, however, the HER makes no judgement regarding the necessity for, or scope of, any further statement which may be required to meet the validation requirements of Tandridge District Council. Consult the 'Local validation requirements 2015' on Tandridge District Council's website for further guidance.

Please note that a charge is made for this HER service. As of 1st April 2021 prices are as follows:

  • Priority search (results returned within two working days): £116.50 + VAT.
  • Standard search (results returned within 5 to 10 working days): £76 + VAT.

An invoice will be sent to the enquirer following the completion of the search.

To submit an HER search to fulfil planning requirements click on the link to the form below. Once completed, return along with a site location plan to Please attach all files directly to the email; we are unable to receive compressed files. The Priority and Standard timescales for the supply of search results begin following confirmation of requirements, not the submission of a search request form.

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