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Local land charge searches

When you buy land or a property, it is usual to carry out a land charge search (also known as a local charge search). This will give you information about matters that may affect the property such as:

  • plans to build a new road nearby
  • whether the highway fronting the property is public or privately maintained
  • information about planning permissions, tree preservation orders or conservation areas
  • details of charges or housing grants

Normally, the search is carried out by a solicitor acting on your behalf. They will submit the forms (LLC1 Search in the Land Charges Register and CON29 Enquiries of Local Authority) and the appropriate fee to the relevant district or borough council.

To complete their reply to your forms, the district or borough council will ask us to supply them with information about highways and rights of way.

For more information and to find out how to perform a local land charge search, visit the website of your district or borough council:

A search may also be submitted via the National Land and Information Service (NLIS). Searches through NLIS are submitted and returned electronically. They are answered in the same way as official searches, but allow the information to be kept digitally at all stages. This can aid turnaround times.