Surrey Economic Development Strategy 2020

Surrey County Council (SCC), working with the Surrey Future Steering Board, are co-developing an Economic Development Strategy (EDS) with support from Arup. The project commenced in November 2019 and was due to complete in April 2020, with delivery of the EDS and action plan, to set out a range of measures to raise productivity and support good growth at a transformational level.

This EDS Interim Report (PDF) outlines the status of the project within the context of the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. A strategic decision has been made to delay reporting, allowing time to reflect the economic implications of the global pandemic. This includes incorporating emergency economic and community stimulus measures, developed through the Surrey Recovery Co-ordination Group, within the action plan.

The EDS will then form a key document in setting out how SCC will support economic recovery, and most importantly, set out the framework and recommended actions to ensure that recovery is on a good growth trajectory.

Files available to download