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Living Woodlands

Lower Mole Partnership logoRestoring woodlands across North Surrey and Kingston

New and exciting project to help bring local woodlands back into good management, improve nature conservation and support traditional woodland workers.

Living Woodlands

  • Provide much needed shelter and food for wildlife
  • Give new life to trees that may live to be hundreds of years old
  • Can produce a viable economic crop, wood poles can be harvested and converted into a wide range of products
  • Offers rural employment to local coppice workers and craftsmen, maintaining an important link with our heritage
  • Woodlands alive with wildlife and flora provide us with immense pleasure!

Surrey Woodlands

Living Woodlands Project

Wood Products

Living Woodlands is a Lower Mole Countryside Management Project. We carry out countryside improvements for the benefit of people and wildlife in the urban fringe of north Surrey and Kingston.

Sponsored by the Heritage Lottery Fund.Lottery Heritage Fund

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