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Surrey Countryside and Rural Enterprise Forum

A Rural Statement for Surrey

Surrey's rural development is looked after by the Surrey Countryside and Rural Enterprise Forum which is made up of public and private sector organisations that provide rural services and/or represent the interests of particular sectors of rural Surrey.

A new statement for Surrey was launched at our Countryside and Rural Enterprise Conference in 2016. The Statement delivers the vision of how we plan to shape the future of Surrey's rural landscape. Each delegate at the conference was given a copy of the new Statement which is available to download below.

Inspirational speakers helped to launch the new Rural Statement and discussed how we can ensure Surrey has vibrant rural communities, a dynamic rural economy and a healthy rural environment.

The conference is run by the Surrey Countryside and Rural Enterprise Forum (SCREF) which has been established to provide more opportunities for collaboration, innovation and value for money in delivering key improvements in the Surrey countryside.

Presentations from the conference held in March 2017 are available to download.

Purpose of the forum

  • Develop a shared vision for countryside and rural initiatives in Surrey.
  • Agree shared priorities for action, based on evidence of need.
  • Facilitate delivery of priority partnership projects to improve the rural economy and environment in Surrey.
  • Building support networks to collaborate and ensure the successful implementation of priority projects.
  • Influence policy on countryside and rural matters in Surrey.
  • Facilitate communication exchange with partners about the work of the Task Groups.
  • Ensure that organisations and networks who manage the Surrey countryside are engaged.

Group structure and programme

The key aim of the Forum is to deliver improvements on the ground. Six task groups have been established to identify issues and address these through specific improvement projects. New task groups may be formed and other groups disbanded once the task is complete. Each group has its own facilitator to coordinate the group and each facilitator is part of the Executive Group. The task groups are:

  • Visitor Economy
  • Woodland Group
  • Food and Drink Sector
  • Education
  • Landscape and Habitat Management
  • Communications Group


Membership of the SCREF forum is open to organisations with an interest in Surrey's countryside.

Files available to download