Alleged public footpaths from 453 (Wanborough) to 446 (Worplesdon)

Alleged public footpath/bridleway from Public Footpath 453 (Wanborough) to Public Footpath 446 (Worplesdon); West Flexford Lane.

Description and Grid References

Alleged public footpath/bridleway between Public Footpath No.453 (Wanborough) (SU 9419 4991) and Public Footpath No.446 (Worplesdon) (SU 9655 4998), known as West Flexford Lane

Reference number and contact details


Tel. 03456 009 009

Date of application

18 November 2015

Applicants name and address

Mrs R. Bailey, Elmgrove, Elmgrove Lane, Normandy, Surrey, GU3 2BN

Consultations and research stage

Being done

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