Alleged Public Footpath between Footpath 165 Bramley and Footpath 166 Busbridge

Description and Grid References

Alleged Public Footpath between Footpath 165, Bramley (SU 9960 4179) and Footpath 166, Busbridge (SU 9945 4139).

Reference number and contact details

Ref CP547

Tel 03456 009 009, Email

Date of application

5 August 2011

Applicants name and address

Mr I. Wilks, 2 Mary Vale, Godalming. GU7 1SW

Consultations and research stage


The application form and map are available to view, download and print by following the links below

Officer Recommendations

That a Map Modification Order be made to add a public footpath between Bramley Public Footpath 165 and Busbridge Public Footpath 166 to the definitive map and statement for Surrey. The route will be known as Public Footpaths 581 (Bramley) and 559 (Busbridge).


On 21 September 2018 Waverley Local Committee agreed with Officer's Recommendations.

Order Making

A Surrey Map Modification Order was made on 1 November 2018 and advertised on 9 November 2018. The Order is titled The Surrey County Council Footpath No.581 (Bramley) and Footpath No.559 (Busbridge) Definitive Map Modification Order 2018. Following closure of the objection period it was realised that there is no registered owner for a small section of land which required dispensation from the Secretary of State under s.3(4) of Schedule 15 to the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981. This being sought and granted the Order was re-advertised on site for a further period of 6 weeks.


An objection was received to the Order. The Order and all received evidence were referred to the Secretary of State for determination at the end of the notice period. Confirmation on how the Secretary of State will deal with the case is awaited.

Public Inquiry

The Secretary of State has appointed an Inspector to determine this matter. A Public Inquiry will be held on 14/15 and 16th September. The inquiry will be held virtually, and information about it will be available on the Planning Inspectorate website in due course. If you wish to attend the Virtual Event please email the case officer for details:

Files available to download