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Coronavirus: update 1 April 2020

Powers have not yet been given in England to close Public Rights of Way. Please follow government guidelines for daily exercise, social distancing and unnecessary travel and respect homes and farm buildings when walking nearby.

The Countryside Access Team are currently homeworking and have limited access to resources. Due to this, and current restrictions on unnecessary travel, we are currently only able to deal with Priority 1 level issues. For further details see Public Rights of Way Maintenance and Enforcement Priority Statement May 2018 (pdf).

Report a right of way problem

Are you reporting an overgrown Path?

This year we have been able to increase the number of surface vegetation cuts that we carry out. Surface vegetation is considered to be plants such as grass, nettles and brambles that grow from the surface of the path. You can view which paths will be cut when you log in to report a fault and look at our reporting map. A path that is due to be cut will be indicated by yellow triangles along the length of that path. There are two different cutting regimes outlined below. Please only report a path overgrown with surface vegetation that has not been highlighted with triangles.

  • A path marked Priority 1 will receive three cuts.
    Cut 1 – the path will be cut between 11 May and 29 May 2020
    Cut 2 – the path will be cut between 29 June and 17 July 2020
    Cut 3 – the path will be cut between 24 and 11 September 2020
  • A path marked Priority 2 will receive two cuts.
    Cut 1 - the path will be cut between 1 June and 26 June 2020
    Cut 2 – the path will be cut between 27 July and 21 August 2020
  • A path marked Priority 5 is part of the North Downs Way clearance programme and will receive two cuts
    Cut 1 - the path will be cut between 25 May and 5 June 2020
    Cut 2 - the path will be cut between 3 August and 14 August 2020

If the path has an overgrown hedge, or low branches hanging over the path then please report the fault.

Other issues

If you would like to report fly-tipping or an abandoned vehicle on a public right of way or other public land, please report this to your district or borough council.

To report any other problem on a public right of way, please use our online form.

Report a fault

Please note: the information you submit will be used by Surrey County Council and partners, which include parish councils and local volunteers, to investigate and resolve the reported problem.

We prioritise all reports carefully and deal with immediate and significant safety issues first. At the present time, due to high numbers of reports, we are only able to deal with priority 1 and 2 issues. Priority 3, 4 and 5 issues will still be recorded and if resources allow, staff or volunteers will investigate. Please see our Maintenance and Enforcement Priority Statement below which sets out our priorities 1-5.


If you have an issue requiring immediate action on a public right of way contact either:

  1. Surrey County Council during normal office hours on 0300 200 1003. Our Contact Centre will contact relevant staff immediately. If this is not possible or appropriate they will contact the Police.
  2. If the issue is out of normal office hours or a Police matter, please report the issue to Surrey Police:
  • for emergencies such a serious crime or accident always dial 999.
  • by phone on 101 or 01483 571212.
  • for non-urgent minor crimes/incidents you can report online to Surrey Police.

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