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Surrey Minerals Plan - Restoration Guidance

We have made available our 'Good practice guide for mineral site restoration and enhancement', originally published in 2002.

The purpose of the good practice guidance is to ensure that the highest standards are achieved in restoring and enhancing mineral sites in Surrey. We wish to ensure that the restoration of mineral workings takes place at the earliest opportunity and that restoration will enhance the site and conserve important local landscape characteristics.

The guidance promotes a restoration led approach, where the restoration of the site is integrated into the management of the whole extraction process and phasing. It encourages restoration schemes appropriate to the character of different parts of the county.

The guidance is split into three sections:

  • Section one sets out how applicants should approach restoration proposals, the issues they should consider and the factors which may influence the overall scheme they devise for example "How to develop a restoration vision."
  • Section two considers the planning application and the restoration information the County Planning Authority will require.
  • Section three outlines post-planning permission phases of a scheme.

The guide also contains a series of appendices providing examples and advice to support these sections of the guide and to assist those involved in making or advising on mineral restoration proposals in Surrey.

This is available to download below or can be ordered by sending a cheque for £20.00 payable to Surrey County Council; Address: The Environment Service, Surrey County Council, County Hall, Kingston-upon-Thames KT1 2DY.

Files available to download